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Feevale University welcomes foreign students

25/07/2019 - Atualizado 11h05min

Feevale Internacional

Students from Chile, Mexico and Finland will study for one semester in Brazil

Feevale University Campus II will be more multicultural. On July 30th, at 3 pm, the International and Institutional Affairs Office (DRII) will receive exchange students from Europe, Central America and South America.

The welcome event will also feature Feevale students who have returned to Brazil after attending a semester at partner universities abroad. They will talk about the different cultures and perceptions of the institutions where they studied. Three other exchange students who are interns at Feevale Techpark will also participate. These students are from Aiesec Mobility, a worldwide organization that enables the personal and professional development of young students through teamwork, leadership and exchange programs.

The exchange students will study at Feevale for one semester. In addition to attending undergraduate classes, they will also have the opportunity to improve their knowledge of Portuguese and get to know Rio Grande do Sul. Check out who they are, their courses and universities.


Universidad Austral de Chile

  • Nataly Gisel Martínez Muñoz (Biomedicine)

Universidad Santo Tomás

  • Matías Ignacio Morales Delgado (Physical Education)
  • Walter Labarca (Physical Therapy)
  • Cristian Mauricio Soto Navarro (Physical Therapy)


Häme University of Applied Sciences (Hamk)

  • Kyösti Kalevi Tiainen (Business Administration)
  • Pekka Johannes Ivanoff (Business Administration)


Universidad de La Salle Bajío

  • Daniela Joselin Rosas González (Journalism)